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Hero image description: A close-up of a young student at the UN International School (UNIS) in Hanoi, Viet Nam, during a visit from Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Image credit:UN Photo/Mark Garten Image license:CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

In partnership with UNICEF Viet Nam, the Ministry of Labour, Invalids và Social Affairs (MOLISA) & the Institute for Family và Gender Studies, tritraonguocdaday.com has carried out a study exploring the mental health & psychosocial wellbeing of children and young people in selected provinces & cities in Viet Nam. The study addressed four broad retìm kiếm questions:

What is the prevalence of mental health & psychosocial problems, including suicide among muốn Vietnamese children, adolescents & youth?Which factors in the Vietnamese context place children, adolescents & youth at risk, and which factors act as protective sầu factors for mental health và psychosocial problems?What laws and policies exist around mental health và psychosocial wellbeing in Viet Nam?What are the existing mental health and psychosocial service provisions and programmes for children, adolescents & youth in Viet Nam?

The study provides a set of policy & programmatic recommendations which include: promoting better & more coordinated policies on mental health & psychological wellbeing for children & young people; increasing the quality and quantity of human resources, particularly counsellors, social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists for children and young people; and raising awareness at all levels of the need to address children và young people’s psychosocial wellbeing, as well as the existing support services.

A report and a number of briefings were produced from the study & launched at a dissemination worksiêu thị in Hanoi in February 2018. Opened và chaired by MOLISA, it was stated that findings from this study would inform further actions of the Ministry regarding how to address children and young people’s mental health & psychosocial wellbeing.

All the briefings, including the executive summary, key findings và recommendations, as well as two briefings focusing on suicide are available for download from the UNICEF trang web. 

The dissemination workcửa hàng received wide press coverage in Viet Nam, with a number of truyền thông media establishments reporting on the study results and the event in English và in Vietnamese.


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