Practical Baby Gifts

When friends and family are getting ready to bring a newborn into the world it’s time to start thinking about shopping for baby gifts. Whether that bundle of joy will be a baby boy or a baby girl you don’t want to show up empty-handed when you make your first visit.

While there is a tremendous selection of personalized and unique baby gifts available on the market it pays to be practical when selecting a baby gift since new parents can use all the help they can get. At Baby Boutique we understand the importance of useful gifts that are still appropriate for newborn babies.

No matter how many diapers mom and dad may have put aside it’s never enough. New parents are often shocked by how quickly they go through diapers and if you want to give a practical baby gift that will no doubt come in handy right away then diaper cakes are a great idea.

We offer a wide selection of great diaper gift ideas from top brand name manufacturer Bloomers including 3-tier and 2-tier diaper cakes. Not only are Bloomers diaper cakes practical each set comes beautifully wrapped with grosgrain ribbons, decorative roses, white tulle, satin bow and an old fashioned diaper pin secures the package together.

Almost as useful as diapers are baby blankets. Most of the early days with a newborn will involve a lot of handling when mom and dad pick up the baby for burping, cuddling and feeding and it’s a good idea to have plenty of receiving and swaddling blankets on hand to keep baby warm.

We offer a fine selection of high quality, comfortable and soft baby blankets from top brand names including Kate Spade and Barefoot Dreams that feature a wide variety of colors and cotton fabrics.

Many people get stuck for ideas when it comes to buying a practical newborn baby gift because there is just too much to choose from. If you can’t decide on any one particular gift then consider a baby gift basket that features a number of gifts in one.

We carry a great selection of organic and personalized baby gift baskets that are brimming with high-quality baby gifts including t-shirts, blankets, diapers, handprint tins and stuffed animal teddy bears.